Make football YOUR game with the Futboard app.

Futboard is the app that boosts the football passion outside the big stadiums and that will make life easier for all amateur football players and organizers around the globe.

Berlin, 1. Sept 2014 – Futboard is an organizational app that will be available around the globe and that will allow all amateur football players to track, share and organize their football life – from goals scored to actual-time spent on the field, from weekly games to all-time wins, from interaction between teammates to easy connecting to and organizing a team or league.

EVERY player counts at Futboard.

The team of Futboard believes that every player counts in football and that every game has a story worth telling and sharing no matter if they are playing in Maracaná or just having fun on the local football field. The fundamental idea behind futboard is to bring the beautiful game back to all players.

At Futboard we have come to realize how amateur football is missing efficient tools for making it more manageable and easier to get organized. “Players have difficulties keeping track of their achievements on the field; teams, clubs and coaches spend a huge amount of time trying to gather all relevant information to organize games, tournaments and team members. Questions like “Who will play at next Saturday”s match? Who will drive there? Who will take care of the jerseys? Who has paid the club fee?” are just examples of the daily organizational struggle football teams face”, says Jördis Deutschmann, co-founder of Futboard. “That”s why we decided to create Futboard: To make life easier for everybody involved in amateur football.”

Football life is usually based in three different “hierarchical” levels – the individual player, teams & leagues. For all three levels specialized features will be available on the Futboard app. All three levels are independently usable or smartly connected with one another. Besides the three categories mentioned above, futboard also offers features for either local or global brands & sponsors that will increase their visibility and relevance to players and teams. At the moment functionalities for individual players are being programmed also putting a great amount of attention to design & UI/UX to make it an app-ealing tool.

Football happens when YOU play.

“One thing we know for sure at Futboard: We want to make the app about what matters most to users – not investors. With the crowd funding campaign (LINK) that successfully started on Indiegogo we want to make every single player out there a part of this project,” emphasizes Diego Berjon, co-founder of Futboard. “We want to make the app as great as every player”s passion for the game.”

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Entwicklung von Online-Dienstleistungen, vorwiegend für den Amateurfußball.

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