MotoGP riders turn Jerez starting grid into a poker arena

Pooled motorcycle knowledge to forecast the Gran Premio bwin de España.
MotoGP riders turn Jerez starting grid into a poker arena

Vienna, 31 March 2011 – MotoGP stars Loris Capirossi, Randy de Puniet and Nico Terol, motorcycle legends Alex Crivillé, Angel Nieto and Randy Mamola showed their best poker faces at the bwin Poker table in a spectacular surrounding, the starting grid of the Jerez circuit. They also shared their MotoGP knowledge exclusively with bwin, the world”s leading publicly listed online gaming provider and MotoGP partner since 2004, and gave their predictions for the upcoming Gran Premio bwin de España.

Randy De Puniet from France hopes to make a good race himself: “I feel good on my new bike. The feeling in Qatar was good, even if I didn´t finish the race, the speed was there. I made a mistake in the first lap, but I was able to be in the top eight and I think that´s a good target.” For the victory in Jerez, there are two big favourites for him: “The winner will be Lorenzo or Stoner, but I think Lorenzo has a small advantage, he is always very fast in Jerez and it´s the track for the Yamaha.”

For Italian rider Loris Capirossi it is very hard to forecast the winner for this race: “We are in Spain, therefore Pedrosa and Lorenzo should be the favourites, but also Stoner had a great start. Let’s see, but at the end I think a Spanish rider will be on top.” Asked about poker the Italian added, that “online poker is a very smart option, it allows you to play with your friends remotely, have fun and relax. Whenever you feel like, you just can get connected anytime.”

According to Spanish rider Nico Terol there are even three favourites: “In MotoGP things have reached the boiling point. Of course, I see Stoner very strong, but I think Pedrosa is going to do very well and I see Lorenzo willing to do well for Yamaha. If I have to choose one, I take Pedrosa.

Motorcycling legend Alex Crivillé counts on a Spanish winner: “I wish it´s Lorenzo or Dani. They say it´s going to rain. It all depends on Dani´s shoulder. Lorenzo won last year and he is going to be very strong.”

For the former Spanish MotoGP hero Angel Nieto “it´s very hard to forecast the winner. It´s a circuit where all riders will give it all, because there are 120.000 spectators and I believe it´s the best race of the championship. As Pedrosa is injured on his shoulder, …I am going to bet on Lorenzo.”

Randy Mamola, the top American champion is quite sure: “For me, the winner of Jerez 2011 is Jorge Lorenzo.” According to Mamola´s view on poker he thinks “that in order to be a good player you must have nerves of steel, just like a GP racer: Always show that you are very strong, because only the weak lose.”

First stop of the MotoGP Poker Series
Jerez will not only host one of the most thrilling GPs of the world motorcycling championship, it will also be the arena for the first stop of the bwin MotoGP Poker Series where bwin customers can play their way to VIP guest status in an online poker tournament in France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The next stops will take the winners to the season”s races in Mugello and Brno.

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Odds on the 2011 MotoGP Championship – Outright Winner
Casey Stoner (AUS/Honda) 2.05
Daniel Pedrosa (ESP/Honda) 4.50
Jorge Lorenzo (ESP/Yamaha) 3.50

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People around the table from left to right (starting from the umbrella girl): Alex Crivillè, Nico Terol, Angel Nieto, Loris Capirossi, Randy Mamola, Randy De Puniet. credit: bwin
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